Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Little Voyeurism Never Hurt Anyone

So you've got your favorite author, right? Oh, I mean aside from moi--don't make me blush! And you love how that author really delves into the lives of the story's people, right into their soul. Not to mention the description of their faces and bodies. The clothes they wear. And where they live.

Eerily enough, sometimes an author can describe a person and it's as if you're right there in the story too. Or maybe the character they're describing feels like they're actually describing you or someone you know. Kinda' cool, eh?

But what if the roles were reversed? Ever want a teeny glimpse into the world of the actual author? A little voyeuristic voyage of your own? I mean, like, how do they work when they are in the throws of the creative process? Or where do they work when they come up with this stuff? Where are they physically when the writer's mystique takes over and they begin to pen their prose?

If you want a glimpse into this world, then visit the web site of author Paige Cuccaro. Take a look around her links, visit her photos, and check out her books. It's a great site. And when you're ready, venture into The Cave. This is a neat spot to see all the work spaces of your favorite authors. Does the workspace match your impression of your favorite author? For me, often it did. Other times I was quite surprised! So, go on and enjoy Paige's books and then visit the writing caves of some very popular authors. Can you find mine? Did it match your expectations?


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