Wednesday, August 02, 2006

RWA National Conference

Okay, so I'm at the RWA National Conference this past weekend. I'm sashaying my way through publisher parties. Signing my way through autograph parties. And following a chocolate-laden "tea" hosted by my literary agency, I find myself bringing a Frenchman back to my hotel.

Bear with me on this one...

When my good friend, T.R., opens the door of our shared fancy-shmancy hotel quarters, she looks at me and my French compatriot all confused. I say to her, "You knew it was only a matter of time before I brought a man back to our hotel room during one of these conferences!" She nods and ushers us in...

My little French friend is none other than F.G. Gerson, the author of 21 Steps to Happiness, by Red Dress Ink. (So go get it already, wouldja?). I met him during my romp in NYC earlier this year (I'll post on that adventure in due time, my dears) and he's my new buddy. Fancy meeting him at the conference! He hung out with T.R. and me for the afternoon. Kept us in stitches. Gloated over his wife and kiddies.

That night, I wore him like an accessory and treated him like an object (he didn't me!) at the conference's Welcome Reception. He even ran into his very first official fan. It was fun to watch. He even got to meet some cool women like Linda Howard and Jo Beverly. The poor man had no clue he was meeting some mighty fine women in the writing industry.

I really like this author. His book came out just before mine. He's an unlikely chick lit author. Yet he shares the same soul as the rest of us authors when it comes it fulfilling your dream of getting published and writing about crazy relationships between men and women. His writing is like a breath of fresh air in the world of women's fiction. So go ahead, get his'll adore him as much as I do! Buh-bye! --Myki


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