Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Title of Chick Lit

I have the official title of my chick lit that sold to Berkley Books!

Tulle Little, Tulle Late

Very fitting, considering the awful predicament poor wedding-obsessed Nina Robertson gets herself into. Funny book. Sexy, too. Got a real LOLA factor (laugh-out-loud action).

Been on the road, but things are settled down now. Writing, writing, writing to finish the next contracted book, Cashmere Boulevard. But "settled down" is a relative term, as it will all change since I am going out this Thursday night and Friday night with Becca, Denisee, and probably Meggy-Weggy. All my co-whores in one place. Which means nothing but trouble, trouble, trouble.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "Instant slut...just add vodka." Very funny. But vodka ain't my poison of choice, so that's out the window. Besides, I'll be too busy carousing and making trouble for others to find myself in my own slippery pickle. Gah-bye! --Myki


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