Friday, June 03, 2005

Cover Model Madness

So, I'm out with Becca (again) and she literally drags this poor guy up to me and screams, "I found the man for the cover of your next novel!" She looks at me expectantly. I'm thinking she's waiting for me to say something to him like, "Hey, baby, meet me on the casting couch and I'll get you a gig on my next cover. Wink! Wink!"

But before I can tell her I'm NOT gonna sleep with him (I'm very taken dontcha know), I check out his goods...and his bads. (He doesn't have any bads). Long streaked hair. Dark Italian skin. Darker eyes. Dazzling smile. Big guy. And he's intelligent, too! (I discovered after a little chat.) No mimbo, here!

"He'll do just fine!" I say. God golly, where does Becca find these men?

Turns out, Tony's done some modeling and now that he's met Becca, he's keenly interested in becoming a cover model. We exchange cards and I say, "Yo' babe, I'll be in touch." (Figuratively, not literally!)

Twenty-four hours later, I put out the APB on getting modeling info for this guy and we (author buds) line him up for a potential gig! Can you believe that? Will this gig work out for Tony? Maybe! Maybe not. But it's a first step. Of course, Becca is hell-bent on calling the guy "Dante" on account ah' that's the name of my bad-boy biker dude in Chicka Chicka Boom.

Speaking ah which, JC (my agent) and I have been tinkering, toying, and tampering with the manuscript to get it juuuuust riiiight. I'm thrilled. We'll see if Manhattan is ready for THIS project!

Til then, I'm off doing some gigs throughout the southeastern U.S. I'm sure I'll be back with a torrid story or two. Til then, I'll keep you posted on the Tony-slash-Dante adventure! Buh-bye! -Myki


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