Saturday, January 15, 2005

Introducing Myki Rebl (pronounced, "Micky Rebel")

Welcome to Myki Rebl's Blog, Myki After Dark

Warning: This site not suitable for those without a sense of humor...

Here, we'll share experiences in this tangy martini called life and see what night-time antics are distracting the author from her daily duties as a chick lit writer, romance writer, and writer of other stuff. It's amazing what can keep an author from writing her daily word count.

Other stuff like books, movies, gossip, and opinion will bloat these pages as well.

Most importantly, look for updates on her future writing projects. Find out the fate of her recently completed chick lit project (it's total Kotex), Chicka Chicka Boom (Hey! Life's Too Short--And So Are My Skirts). Will it sell? Where? When? And then it's on to her current WIP, Cashmere Boulevard. Will it suck? Will it be finished before the hangover kicks in? Will the revised partial make it to the agent on time? All this and more in this fast and fabulous site, After Dark.

Oh yeah, word has it that an--ahem--daytime blog has made its way onto the author's sweet-in-appearance web site at to discuss the life of a writer before the lights go out and the alter ego emerges.

Til then, buh-bye!
"I keep on writing for the same reason a woman
keeps on shopping." --K. Llewellyn


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