Friday, July 29, 2005

Fashion's Foibles?

Okay, I can't wait to go out tonight! I'm doing a little research by heading out to a fashion show fundraising event for a fine arts center here in good ol' Florida. I'm dying to see the gown made of metal and the bridal gown made of condoms. That's totally gonna make it into the pages of Cashmere Boulevard. Why do I get the feeling though, that if some of the condoms are missing from the gown, everyone's gonna be looking suspiciously at me?

Anyway, my editor is going to be calling soon so we can try on some new titles for size for book #1, Chicka Chicka Boom. I'm assuming they'll keep book #2 title, Cashmere Boulevard. But we'l l see. But right now, many writers are at the national RWA conference this month. As for me? I'm writing by day and having this exhausting social life by night. I'm playing matchmaker. I'm running into the stud muffin cover model guy. Tearing up a dance floor somewhere. Getting good material for the novel all along the way.

Fashion show update to come...


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