Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hollywood & the NFL

Okay, so I'm at Disney World one day, and run into Bob Craft. Who's that, you say? Ask any man (with a pulse and who knows a tad about football) and he'll tell you, "Why, Bob is the bizillionaire owner of the New England Patriots who went to the Super Bowl a few years ago."

The gang I was with got to gush and ohhh and ahhh over his Super Bowl ring. Seeing as the group was from New England (tho' I live in FL now), this was a once-in-a-lifetime opp.

Okay, so then a few days later, I'm having lunch with Kirsten Smith. Ask any woman who's watched Legally Blonde a thousand times (and who has a pulse) and she'll tell you that Kirsten Smith is the orginator of the "bend and snap!" More specifically, she wrote the screenplay, Legally Blonde, as well as Ten Things I Hate About You and She's the Man. She's really cool and is just as goofy as my friends and me, so we took to her like gin to a martini glass. Keep a look out for more movies and books by this very talented screenwriter! Buh-bye!


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