Monday, February 05, 2007

Star Sighting -- Sorta

Okay, so I'm out with with Friend 1 and Friend 2, who must remain anonymous. We're at a Mexican restaurant outside of Tampa, FL, seated in a booth by a giant window overlooking the quaint downtown sidewalk. Window shoppers strut by. Cars go by. Dog walkers. Couples. Pretty day. A good day for drive. We're chowing on our nachos and quesadillas, etc. enjoying the view.

Through the window, we watch a really cool black vintage convertible sports car stop at the red light. I mean, REALLY cool, right down to the bumper. We are so busy checking this baby out, while munching on a nacho, we pay no mind to the blonde couple seated in it, plain as day, waiting for the light to turn.

The light turns. The cool car moves ahead. Friend 1 says, "Oh my God, look who's in the car... "

I try to look, but the car moves on and makes a turn. "Who?" I ask.

That was Hulk Hogan and his wife...

"No way! Really?"

Yes, it's true. I live about half hour away from Hulk Hogan, and all my friends have run into him from time to time. As for me, I've had "near misses" but have never met him. I'm sure I will. We'll have to swap notes about our stellar wrestling careers.

Ah...Florida. Just another day.


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