Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wedding Bells

Okay, so here is a list of the subject lines about Wedding Bells clogging my email lately:

Subject: Wedding Bells
Subject: Wedding Bells on Fox
Subject: Didja see it -- Wedding Bells tv
Subject: did you write that show wedding bells

Of course, friends, fans, and family are talking about the new Fox show called Wedding Bells, about a bunch of gals called the Bell Sisters who inherit the family biz (a wedding complex) following their parent's divorce.

My writer friends also know one of my latest writing projects focuses on the topic of--well--let's just call it "wedding planning" shall we? It's pending publisher acceptance and scheduling. The topic of "wedding planning" isn't a stretch in my fiction since I'm known as the Wedding Writer and all. LOL!

But family and friends are all excited about this show and how it ties in my latest comedic women's fiction, Tulle Little, Tulle Late and The Quest for the Holy Veil because these books focus on brides gone wrong and my friends know I always wanted to open a wedding complex if this whole "writing thing" didn't work out. But the writing thing DID work out, thank goodness! Check out the trailers for Wedding Bells at the link below. The show is pretty good!



The Secret

Well, The Secret certainly has received a lot of attention lately, hasn’t it? It’s pretty interesting stuff. And the Law of Attraction does make you want to think more positively, that’s for sure. After watching Larry King the other night, you can already hear the intense whispers of a Secret II vibrating through the universe.

I’m sure even more DVDs featuring human empowerment are to follow. And I’m all for anything that helps us lead more fulfilling lives. So, I wonder…when will the onslaught of merchandising hit? I’m bracing myself for it. The T-shirts. Baseball caps. The thong underwear with the big letter "S" in Austrian crystals in the front.

Personally, I’m looking forward to The Secret…the Board Game. No really. I’m totally serious. I can see it now. I think it would be huge. (You think I jest, but someone will make piles of money of this!) There. I said it. I put it out there in the universe. I want to see the manifestation of the board game to The Secret.

Can't you picture it? Just roll the dice and slide your tiny metal luxury sports car, mansion, yacht, or whatever game piece/token you choose, along the squares of the board. Then you get to pick a card from the deck that says something like, "You had a negative thought. Go back two spaces and do not collect $200." Or maybe the card says, "You felt joy today and got two checks in the mail. Advance three spaces."

I think it would be fun to play while learning about this cool concept. Okay, well, let’s see how long it takes for the board game to come out. You heard it here first. Til then...ask, believe, receive!

Buh-bye --Myki