Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Virtual Model

Ever wonder how an outfit would look on you before buying it? Or how to find the best pair of jeans or swimsuit right for your body type? Or have you ever wanted to view a before-and-after image of yourself if you lost or gained weight?

Then check out
My Virtual Model.

You can personalize your model by adding a name and choosing hair color, body dimensions and height, based on yourself. You can change the details to see yourself thinner, heavier, with a different hair color, etc.

Also check out the "Brand Me" section on the site
where you dress your model to see what you would look like in various brands. It's also good to see the most flattering clothing. (Moi? In horizontal stripes? Never!)

To find other sites that use this tool, be sure to Google "My Virtual Model." And if you want, you can Google "my virtual model" plus "weight loss" to see how others have used this cool feature in their "shape up" efforts. Wow! Just in time for the New Year -- that is, if getting healthy and fit is part of your New Year's resolutions!

Buh-bye! Myki

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